Outcome driven design with a very human touch.

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I create digital experiences that are pretty and interactive.

But never at the expense of being easy to use and purposeful.

There can be a balance between fun and function, and I can help you design it.

Product Design
I'm a full-stack designer with a flare for finding fun and intuitive solutions for complex problems.
User Experience Design (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
Interaction Design
Mobile App Design
Onboarding & Membership
Custom Websites
I can design and engineer strategic, accessible and entirely custom websites using Webflow.
Competitive Analysis
User Flows
Visual Design
SEO Optimization
✌️ I designed and engineered this site

12+ years of experience

I'm a self-taught designer, and I strive to continue to approach work with a growth mindset. I'm always open to learning new tools and product spaces.

While I love being an IC, any opportunities to foster others' careers and skillsets are welcome.
Duties & Achievements
Portland, OR
Senior Product Designer
Jan 2020-Oct 2023 • Fulltime
PDP North Star
Product Outfitting Feature
Universal Sign-In
Internal Tool for Launches
Australia Localization (Emphasis on Checkout)
Mentorship of Junior & Mid-Level Designers
New York, NY
Senior Product Designer
Aug 2019-Dec 2019 • Freelance
User Profile Redesign
Dashboard UX for User Analytics
Product Card Redesign
New York, NY
Director or Product Design
May 2017-May 2019 • Fulltime
Membership Management
iOS & Android Launch
Marketing Site
Lead Small Design Team
New York, NY
Senior Product Designer
May 2016-Oct 2016 • Freelance
iPhone 7 Launch Page for Verizon
Flows to Determine Fios Eligibility
New York, NY
Head of UX/UI
Aug 2015 - Apr 2016 • Fulltime
Membership Management
Meal Planner Dashboard
New York, NY
Director or Product Design
Aug 2014-Jul 2015 • Fulltime
Membership Management
Dashboard to Manage Items in Storage
For my complete work history, please visit my LinkedIn.

A few nice things people have said.

"Celia has proven to be an unyieldingly supportive mentor. I’ve had the pleasure of supporting her in her role as a lead designer and reaped indispensable lessons from her mentorship. I felt consistently supported and uplifted by Celia throughout the duration of our time together. She was a vital role model and would continue to be in any given team."
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Masha Fellah
Nike Designer • 2023
"Celia is relentless in her pursuit of excellence & thoughtfulness in her product design practice. She demonstrates strong cross functional collaborative skills guiding productive conversations, and models evidence based decision making for her peers. Her pursuit of excellence is also seen in her craft. Every file is meticulous and every prototype is above and beyond expectations."
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Stephen Attesser
Nike Staff Designer • 2023
"Celia was very easy to work with. Super friendly, very receptive to feedback, and a good eye for clean design. Hope we cross paths again!"
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Alissa Umansky
R/GA Creative Director  • 2016
"Her attention to detail, advocacy for the user, and ability to ask great questions ensures that the quality of design work is second to none. Additionally, Celia has great leadership and organizational skills and isn’t afraid to dig into complex problems. She has been a solid mentor to more junior designers and has been an excellent collaborator with teammates, partners and colleagues alike."
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Lindsay Mataya
Nike Design Manager • 2023
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"Celia was inventive, meticulous, thorough and communicative. She worked extremely well with engineering. Design assets were beautifully rendered with all the required information needed to communicate dimensions, actions, complex UI interactions, colors, etc. Celia is a pleasure to work with and helps to create a fun, collaborative culture of excellence."
Photo of coworker who provided the corresponding reference.
Ambi Sidhu
Boxbee Senior Engineer • 2015
"There is no questioning that Celia has an amazing visual style and artistic design expertise. I was most impressed with Celia's ability to learn new things and quickly go from amateur to expert, for instance quickly learning Adobe After Effects to create a promotional video. Most importantly, she was asked to redesign the CMS system which required both a beautiful but also usable and user friendly product."
Photo of coworker who provided the corresponding reference.
Alex Bell
Signal360 CPO • 2014
"Celia was constantly increasing the bar for product design by creating design systems, designing for edge cases, and improving UX flows. Design handoff was a joy, as Celia always provided helpful design documents and annotations that pro-actively clarified any points of confusion. I also appreciated her willingness to pair with engineers to make important improvements for customers."
Photo of coworker who provided the corresponding reference.
Jenn Su
Spacious Senior Engineer • 2020
"Celia’s a great collaborator and easily integrated feedback into her work. I’m impressed by how well she balances listening with fighting for her ideas and for the needs of customers. It’s always a pleasure working with her and her designs speak for themselves."
Photo of coworker who provided the corresponding reference.
Chris Smothers
Spacious CTO • 2019
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"Celia is great at balancing between business and user needs, helping us make the right design trade-offs so we can ship and test features quickly with quality. She is super collaborative and very receptive and open to receiving feedback (and we're definitely a team with many strong opinions!)"
Photo of coworker who provided the corresponding reference.
Kylie Gao
Grailed Director of Product • 2019
"Celia can take the vaguest of briefs and quickly create beautiful and intuitive designs. The speed at which she works is particularly remarkable. We worked together at Boxbee on many web and mobile design iterations, and Celia was very comfortable in a culture where requirements frequently changed."
Photo of coworker who provided the corresponding reference.
Alex Finnemore
Boxbee Director of Product • 2015
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"Celia was a joy to work with as a partner in the usability lab. Not only was she timely with her PDP desktop layout design prototypes, she was thorough. Her high fidelity designs enabled us researchers to navigate with ease as we interviewed participants and gathered insights using the PDP prototypes that felt like the live web."
Photo of coworker who provided the corresponding reference.
Paige Stepovich
Nike User Researcher • 2022
"From the start, it was clear that Celia had a strong grasp of the team's research goals & questions and the experience that they wanted to put in front of Users. The high fidelity designs she produced for testing got us about as close as possible to a true representation of the user interface on Nike.com."
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Adam Chrnelich
Nike Research Manager • 2022
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I am in Sydney, Australia until April 2024. But I am available for freelance work with USA based clients. I would be very excited to help with your upcoming projects.

Available for calls Mon-Thu from 1pm PST onwards.